Bringing innovation to business and solving social issues with AI technology

In order to build a sustainable society and environment, companies must transform socio-economic and business practices that have caused problems in the past. We know that AI technology is a tool with a high potential for realizing sustainable innovation. Recursive has defined and focused on four areas where the use of AI is particularly effective in sustainability.

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Accelerate Innovation

By processing vast amounts of information using AI technology rather than humans or conventional systems, new ideas and technologies can be generated in less time than ever before.


Increase Productivity

By replacing simple tasks previously performed by humans, productivity can be increased in a variety of industries.


Prepare for future risks

AI can also help minimize damage by predicting natural disasters based on accumulated data. AI can also predict human health risks and contribute to extending healthy life expectancy.


Deliver better work and education

AI's highly accurate matching technology can identify and deliver the most appropriate information and educational resources.


AI for sustainable innovation

Accelerate Innovation →Increase Productivity→Deliver better work and education→Prepare for future risks
  • Space development
  • New drug development
  • Food development
  • Inspection efficiency
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Assembly line optimization
  • Logistics network
  • Damage visualization
  • Chat bots
  • Natural disaster risk prediction
  • Accelerate learning
  • Content recommendation
  • Skills matching

AI × Sustainability database

We are developing a database to consolidate and search for examples of AI x Sustainability applications that are attracting attention around the world.

Our approach

Customized solutions for unique business challenges

Each unique business challenge has its own optimal solution. Recursive's emphasis on consultation allows us to clarify the target figures and the scope of AI application, and then propose the best process to achieve a solution targets the root of the issue at hand.

Sustainability New Business Development Support

Companies have many options to transform their existing businesses or create new businesses and services in order to make a substantial contribution to solving social issues. Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and can support companies from the initial stages of business development by highlighting potential needs and requirements.


An overview of one of our consulting projects for companies that are developing businesses in wireless connection and storage battery technology.

Product Development

We develop and offer products that can be used universally in various industries.

Our ProductFindFlow logo

A custom LLM for your company to significantly reduce time spent on internal and external information searches.

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Highly accurate weather datasets generated using AI from a variety of data

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A tool that supports efficient ESG management through data collection, analysis, and improvement proposals.

Our uniqueness

AI development by engineers who have met our rigorous standards.

Recursive's machine learning engineers are not only technically skilled, but also have a business perspective. This enables them to comprehensively understand business issues and develop AI that contributes to mid- to long-term solutions. In addition, when performance is insufficient, our machine learning engineers can verify and improve other models. This support is possible only with original AI, not open source utilization.

An organization of diverse and accomplished innovators

Our talented employees come from well-known companies such as Google and Apple, and have earned doctoral and master's degrees in physics and computer science from universities in Japan and abroad, all with a passion to contribute to the realization of a fair and sustainable society. Flexible and innovative ideas that defy stereotypes are born as all members, regardless of career, nationality, or gender, work on projects in an equitable manner.

Projects Flow

Here is an example of the flow from consultation to maintenance.

  1. Understanding

    We will gain an understanding of the issues clients want to solve, discuss together what kind of quantitative goals we should set, and clarify the extent to which AI can contribute.

  2. Impact Analysis

    If there are multiple issues, we will discuss which issue could be the most impactful to solve (sales, cost, ESG evaluation).

  3. Development

    In some cases, we may realize after discussion that an AI solution is not necessary. In addition to AI, we are also able to develop alternative systems and applications.

  4. Solution Development/Deployment

    It is important not only to develop AI but to design it as a solution that maximizes the use of the AI model.

  5. Maintenance

    Continuous tuning of AI models is very important. We have engineers overseas, so you can sign a maintenance contract without worrying about time zones.

Why Recursive

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We've compiled years of advice on AI sustainability initiatives as well as AI development best practices in a single free document.

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We've observed that progress in successful technological innovation is impeded by a lack of familiarity with these two key fields: understanding of sustainability and emergent technologies and an innovation oriented, agile organizational culture. We've gathered our research and industry know-how to provide you a wide understanding of these topics which can serve as a springboard to start an innovation initiative within your own organization.

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