Designing eco-friendly power supply and spreading clean energy

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Recursive provides consulting services for corporate sustainability-related business development in order to create a sustainable society. Our consultants, highly experienced in launching sustainability businesses in a wide range of industries, provide full support for market research, planning proposals, promotion and execution, according to client needs.

This article will introduce an overview of one of our consulting projects for companies that are developing businesses in wireless connection and storage battery technology.


Designing eco-friendly power supply and spreading clean energy

Lifestyles have changed in a way that people have to carry around computers, smartphones, and other devices and use them for extended periods of time on the go, resulting in an increasing demand of power in town and on the road. Technology that allows devices to be charged wirelessly not only makes it easier to charge on the go, but it is also safer since there is less risk of electrical leakage. It is also better designed because there are no unnecessary wires.

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The wireless power transmission technology developed by BELLDESIGN is characterized by its ability to transmit more power. The company also has the technology to capture sunlight as energy, store it in storage batteries and send it as electricity, making it a company with high technological capabilities. Yet, two problems arose in developing the business.

The first was the need to develop a software business that utilizes the data from the "POWER SPOT® ." They had been building more hardware businesses until now to sell the "POWER SPOT® ," a commercial wireless power supply. In addition, they needed a partner who could develop software and consult them on the business model. The second was that the company wanted to contribute to the energy issues by promoting renewable energy sources that utilize the company's solar energy to people.

BELLDESIGN consulted Recursive, and the two companies decided to collaborate as partners, as they shared a common goal to create a sustainable society.

After several discussions, the consulting team agreed to provide support in the following areas: market research, business plan advisory, building of a system necessary for commercialization, and relevant consulting for execution.

In the spring of 2023, the project is well underway. Together with BELLDESIGN, we aim to make it a common sight in the city in the near future, where people can easily charge their smartphones and other devices using clean energy from sunlight.


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