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Recursive is looking for people with expertise and a passion for sustainability. Recursive gathers people who want to grow themselves without being bound by conventional business formats and work styles in the ever-changing social business environment. Recursive, which started with two people in August 2020, is now a company with 22 employees and is growing steadily. We are looking for people who can share the value of "creating a sustainable society" regardless of nationality, gender, or age.


Introducing the values and culture that Recursive values.


Only by understanding true fairness and putting it into practice in an organization can a fair society be realized.


Practice sustainability on a daily basis, from a global scale to an individual scale.


Bringing together approaches from various perspectives is a shortcut to innovation.


Create technologies and mechanisms that do not yet exist in the world. Energy that truly changes the world.


Every project starts with the passion of one person and becomes an innovation in the hands of a team.


Whether it's an organization or an individual, don't stop moving forward.


As long as there are results, it doesn't matter if there are 100 people and 100 different ways of working. At the feet of the greatest freedom, there is the greatest confidence.

Why I joined Recursive?

Because I thought I could contribute to a better and fairer society while working with cutting-edge AI technology.

Photo of chikara

Project manager

Chikara Shimizu

/清水 力

Because I felt it is a place where I can grow and make a significant contribution to society

Photo of iris

Software Engineer

Iris Chu


Because I knew I could not only expand my knowledge in software engineering but also push the boundaries of my abilities.

Photo of saul

Software Engineer

Saul Trujillo

/Saul Trujillo Castillo

Because helping people is a driving force in my career

Photo of oktay

Planning and Administration Manager

Oktay Kurtulus

/Oktay Kurtuluş

To live in harmony with nature and to have a sustainable future

Photo of pablo

Machine learning engineer

Pablo Cervantes

Because I can use technology to improve people's lives.

Photo of rebecca

Software Engineer

Rebecca Ao

Because I want to lead Recursive's sustainability projects in 5 years

Photo of mariana

Machine learning engineer

Mariana Makiuchi

/Mariana Rodrigues Makiuchi