【Press Release】ROHTO Pharmaceutical and AI startup, Recursive, form a capital and business alliance to achieve a well-being society using AI

AIPress release2024-06-24

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ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Osaka, Japan; President and Chief Operating Officer: Masashi Sugimoto; hereinafter referred to as "Rohto") and Recursive Inc. (Headquarter: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tiago Ramalho; hereinafter referred to as "Recursive"), a developer of AI solutions that facilitate sustainable business transformation, have entered into a capital and business alliance as of June 14.

Background and purpose

Under the management vision of “Connect for Well-being” which strives to support the health and happiness of people worldwide, ROHTO has been working to promote well-being not only in the field of healthcare, but also in various other areas such as food, community, and health-oriented leadership.

Recursive is a service provider that offers AI solutions for building a sustainable future, with a mission to "Build a fairer, more sustainable society through the use of technology by utilizing technology." By combining expertise in diverse industries such as environment, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, and retail as well as advanced technological capabilities and specialized knowledge in sustainability, Recursive provides AI consulting services and technical development. In order to leave a better global environment and society for future generations, Recursive’s unparalleled professionals are leading the creation of a new society with world-class, cutting-edge technology.

ROHTO and Recursive decided to collaborate through this capital and business alliance, because both parties wanted to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to increase value for customers. This will be achieved by building practical AI models using large-scale health data resources.  By doing so, ROHTO and Recursive aim to create various innovations and strive to increase well-being in our society through the utilization of AI.

[About ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] Company name: ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Headquarter:  1-8-1 Tatsumi-nishi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Founded: February 22, 1899 President and Chief Operating Officer: Masahi Sugimoto Incorporated: September 15, 1949 Number of employees (as of March 31, 2024): 1,687 (non-consolidated basis) / 7,259 (consolidated basis) Main businesses: Manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and functional foods Website: https://www.rohto.co.jp/global/

[About Recursive Inc.] Company name: Recursive Inc. Headquarter: Shibuya S-6 Building 6F, 1-7-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Founded: August 2020 Co-Founders: Tiago Ramalho, Katsutoshi Yamada Business: Research and development of AI and provision of sustainability-related solutions Number of employees: 52 (as of May 2024) Website:  https://recursiveai.co.jp/en/

[Media inquiries about Recursive] Recursive Inc. Kishimoto / Chiba (PR & Branding) Email: info@recursiveai.co.jp Phone: +81-90-9847-7832 (Direct number to Kishimoto)