【Event】COO Yamada speaks at "Welcome Japan Summit 2024" and introduced the use of AI for refugee inclusion


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In conjunction with World Refugee Day (June 20), the 3rd "Welcome Japan Summit 2024" was held in Tokyo on June 17, 2024, our COO Katsutoshi Yamada was invited to participate as a keynote panelist. The event was organized by Welcome Japan, a general incorporated association, to explore tips for promoting refugee inclusion in Japan.

The panel discussion, titled "The Potential of DX for Refugee Inclusion," featured Yamada and two other experts and stakeholders, who discussed how companies can get involved in AI-based refugee inclusion, the impact of AI on the lives and careers of refugees, and the prospects for using AI for refugee inclusion.

Recursive is a service provider that provides AI solutions to build a sustainable future with the mission "Build a fairer, more sustainable society through the use of technology. Our COO Yamada suggested that in the refugee issue, the evolution of AI and other technologies and their use as effective solutions can help solve the three disparities of (1) language disparity, (2) information disparity, and (3) education disparity.

He also mentioned the possibility that the recent spread of generative AI, led by ChatGPT, could dramatically change the world in the future, and discussed how the full-scale introduction and utilization of AI for refugee assistance platforms is an important perspective to take.

In order to leave a better global environment and society for future generations, including solutions to the refugee problem, we will continue to promote AI research and development and the provision of sustainability-related solutions.