Launch of On-the-Job Training Service for DX Human Resource Development.


Recursive will begin offering on-the-job training (hereinafter referred to as "OJT") services to develop in-house DX human resources into AI professionals. The program is designed to develop personnel who can plan and lead AI-related businesses within the company, highlighting the need for external resources to keep pace with the rapid progress of AI, but the resulting lack of personnel who can lead AI businesses within the company.

Recursive's founder, CEO Tiago Ramalho, was once a senior researcher at Google DeepMind in the UK. Today, entrepreneurs from Google DeepMind continue to lead the AI industry by starting AI companies in Europe, the U.S., and other regions. Recursive's employees are from 18 countries (as of August 2023), and include AI engineers (machine learning engineers) and application engineers, Many of them have both global experience and understanding of the Japanese market.

In order for companies to use AI not only to improve operational efficiency, but also to transform their business and increase its value, there is an urgent need to secure digital human resources within the company. One of the effective ways to develop human resources for in-house AI-related business is to cultivate various knowledge, skills, and perspectives to collaborate with engineers, project managers, and others. Recursive will provide on-the-job training to acquire knowledge and skills through actual work in an AI company to develop human resources who can lead AI businesses.

This training program was established in response to requests from our clients, and since we are a company that develops original AI systems for companies, we can only offer this service to clients who have ordered AI systems from us. For each employee of the client, at least one Recursive engineer or other staff member is selected for on-the-job training to support the client's human resource development. The contract must be for the development of an AI project that spans a period of at least one year (both single and multiple projects are acceptable).

In launching this OJT program, CEO Tiago Ramalho said, "Many Japanese companies understand the need for DX human resources because they are structured by business unit, but it is difficult to formulate company-wide DX strategies, and this is one of the reasons for the difference in speed between Japanese companies and Western companies, where DX departments are at the center of management. In addition, the evolution of AI, including generative AI, is extremely fast, so both speed and quality are needed in the training of human resources. We would like to support this training program as an opportunity for many Japanese companies to transform their businesses."

Katsutoshi Yamada, co-founder of the program, also commented As society changes, each employee must demonstrate his or her individual strengths to make management stronger. We have heard from many of our clients that they have outsourced their AI and DX projects to vendors and have not been able to accumulate the know-how within their companies.

Recursive will continue to promote the compatibility of sustainability and business in society.