Event Report: Recursive holds exchange session with Chalmers University of Technology, aiming for industry-academia co-creation


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Recursive is a service provider that offers AI solutions for building a sustainable future. As a Japan-based startup, it develops its own AI products. In order to always be able to propose optimal solutions to our clients' increasingly complex business challenges, Recursive recognizes and promotes the importance of connecting with researchers and students within the industry so that we can continue to stay ahead of the latest technologies and trends in AI, particularly in the field of natural language processing.

Against that background, we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, to our office in Tokyo!

The students, part of the WASP (Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Programming) research initiative, visited Recursive’s office on March 13, 2024. Their focus on Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and autonomous systems aligned perfectly with Recursive's core areas of expertise.

Exploring Shared Expertise and Knowledge

The day was a moment to exchange about our expertise and knowledge as we both presented our projects and engaged in lively discussions.

The presentations made by Chalmers students, Adam and Lena, tackled pressing issues in machine learning, using complex methods to boost model effectiveness in practical settings. Adam Breitholtz's talk on transferability was particularly pertinent, addressing how it can overcome data scarcity and high data acquisition costs. Lena Stempfle's presentation delved into the intricacies of healthcare data, showcasing how machine learning can significantly enhance decision-making in healthcare, reflecting a profound grasp of the field's opportunities and obstacles.

Looking Forward: Building Connections

The visit wasn't just about research presentations. We fostered a casual and interactive environment where students and our team could connect. This allowed for a deeper understanding of Recursive’s work culture and the exciting tech landscape in Japan.

After the presentations, discussing about our work

One of our guests provided a positive feedback on how Recursive provided a welcoming atmosphere for this exchange event:

Excerpt comment from one of our participants:

“The mingling session after presentations allowed us to get to know the Recursive and its employees better, learn about the startup scene in Japan and discuss about the sustainably perception and efforts from Japanese society, government and companies. This shows the shared interests between Recursive AI and WASP and could be the starting point for further exchanges.”

It was also extremely encouraging to hear that the students thought Recursive has a clear vision and some of the key projects that were briefly presented seemed interesting and environmentally relevant.

Group picture with our team and Chalmers University students

These interactions solidify our belief that collaboration between companies and academia is key to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the field of artificial intelligence. This visit served as a springboard for future collaboration. We at Recursive look forward to working with researchers and academia to co-create new innovations.



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Rie Le Maitre

Rie completed her Master of Science in Digital Marketing in 2021 at emlyon, in France. Following her graduation, she joined Amazon Japan, where she contributed to the B2B Marketing team. After gaining experience for 1.5 years, Rie decided to follow her growing interest in making a positive impact in the sustainability field and joined Recursive.