AI × Sustainability

Discover the meaning of true innovation.

Our AI expertise runs deep, and our understanding of the challenges society faces is without peer. Let Recursive guide you in dealing with the complexities of an ever-changing world. Quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Our innovative solutions make AI work for you.

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Who drives innovation?

Diversity is in Recursive's DNA

At Recursive, we value diversity. When diverse individuals with respect for one another come together as a team to strive for an ideal, we can create innovations that advance society.


AI for sustainable innovation

We help companies create systems that can solve their business challenges sustainably, including fully-customized AI development and new business development consulting.

We have also defined and focused on four areas where AI can be used to effectively further sustainability.

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We’re looking for more great minds.

Recursive is searching for people with a passion for sustainability--

For lifelong learners, who want to improve the lives of individuals and build a better society. Only an excellent team can change the world with sustainable innovation. Let's change the world together.


The present and future of Recursive's sustainable innovation