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Sustainability Challenge 2022: Developing AI solutions for partners with sustainability challenges for free

Recursive KK (CEO: Tiago Ramalho, located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a company that develops cutting-edge AI models focused on the SDGs, has launched the "Sustainability Challenge 2021," a program to provide AI solutions free of charge to partner companies that share our mission and challenge to achieve a sustainable society together.

■ Background
Recursive's corporate philosophy is to "Build a fairer more sustainable society", and we have been working with numerous companies on business development and research to ensure sustainability. In promoting many projects, we have come to feel that there is a great need to return our knowledge to society. And now, we have decided to select one company or organization with important sustainability challenges from those that have applied and offer to develop AI solutions to solve them for free.

■ Schedule and the overview
We will be taking applications until mid-October 2021 from NPOs, Local Governments, and Small and Medium Businesses. Our team of experts will evaluate the applications by how much impact they will have on an SDG objective as well as technical feasibility. The winner will have the opportunity to work with Recursive on a PoC for their idea completely for free.

Until 15th Oct 2021: Accepting applications
15th Oct 2021 - 1st Dec 2021: Reviewing applications
1st Dec 2021 - 1st Jan 2022: Winner announcement and onboarding
1st Jan 2022: - 1st Jun 2022: Joint PoC development

After the application review period, Recursive will share a list of the best ideas under consideration with our analysis of the technical and societal merits of each idea. One of those shall be chosen to continue as a joint PoC with all development costs covered by Recursive.

Please check the details below:

We look forward to working together with our partners towards a sustainable society.